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Brinda un excelente servicio al cliente, avala a las preguntas de los compradores y resuelve cualquier problema de modo rápida y Efectivo.

As with any sales channel, on Facebook Marketplace you’ll receive questions from people who are interested in purchasing your product or from people who have already purchased and are organizing how they will receive the item.

Nota: Igualmente puedes utilizar la opción de giro o un servicio de entrega y recogida que se ajuste a tus deyección.

CMS has taken several steps to make it easier for consumers to sign up for quality, affordable health care coverage and reduce health disparities in communities across the country. Starting in 2022, required Navigator services will be expanded to help reduce health disparities by providing consumers with information and assistance on certain post-enrollment topics, such Triunfador the Marketplace appeals process and the premium tax credit reconciliation Vencedor a part of consumers’ annual federal tax filing.

No cuentas con mucha flexibilidad frente a las inconformidades de un cliente: ten presente que para una plataforma el cliente tendrá la razón la decanoía de las ocasiones.

Replacement cost value: This level of coverage reimburses you for the value of your property at today’s prices. Replacement cost coverage provides larger payouts when you make a claim compared to contemporáneo cash value.

6. Report a listing or a seller if you have any problems. If you have an issue with a person or an item that's listed, such Figura violating community standards, harassing behavior or scams, it's easy to report to Facebook. Just look website for a Report link on the listing or on the seller's Marketplace profile.

Eligible small employers Gozque access small employer tax credits by completing a short application at and enrolling in NY State of Health-certified plans directly with insurers of their choice.

It may take a few minutes to get the email message. You Chucho also request to get a new code. After a few minutes, if you still don’t get an email with your security code, contact the Marketplace Call Center.

You Gozque find marketplace cafe common questions and step-by-step tutorials about how to use Marketplace on our help center.

Decano talento: el talento puede ser un motivo suficiente para vender tus productos de una guisa más eficaz y rápida que la saldo en mercados read more pequeños, donde la constancia y paciencia debe ser mayor.

No matter what state you live in, you Perro use the Marketplace. Some states operate their own Marketplace. In other states, the Marketplace is run by the federal government.

3. Learn more about the seller. Spend a few minutes learning more about a seller by looking at their profile to see the friends you may have in common, reviewing their Marketplace activity and reviewing any ratings they may have received.

You'll find more information about each listing when you click on it. You Gozque also save the listing for later or message the seller directly through Messenger on most listings so you don't have to give pasado your phone number or personal email address.

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